Be someone’s Foster Angel.
Sponsor a TLC Foster Family and help make a difference for our precious animals

TLC Foster Angel Program Q&A

– How does the program work?
Once you sign up to be a TLC Foster Angel, we’ll match you with a foster family who could use help purchasing supplies for their foster animals. Our foster family would be in occasional contact with you, and you would simply go online to order pet supplies and send the order directly to the foster family.

– How often would I need to send supplies?
The frequency of orders is strictly up to you, but we suggest a monthly order would be helpful. Regardless, each and every donation is seen as a gift and very much appreciated.

– How would I know what to send?
By remaining in contact with your foster family, you can be aware of their needs. For instance, some foster families might foster only cats (or only dogs), and by being in contact, you will know what to send. You can also have the foster family keep a “wish list” online at Amazon or other retailers.

– I love cats (or dogs). Can I be matched to a foster family who fosters only cats (or dogs)?
Yes! Just let us know your preference.

– How much money am I committing to?
The amount of money you spend on your order and the frequency of those orders are strictly up to you. All donations, regardless of size are very much appreciated.

– Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. TLC is a 501(c)(3) organization. Check with your tax advisor for details on your own tax situation.

– How do I get started?
Please email or call 309-453-9080. We’ll send a few questions for you to answer, so we can match you with the perfect foster family.

What if I want to help, but can’t commit to an on-going donation?
We welcome any donation whether it’s just a one-time-only gift or a continuing TLC Foster Angel commitment. TLC is 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and all donations go directly to the care of the animals. Our animals live in homes with families and not in a shelter, so we don’t have the overhead or staff expenses of a shelter.