I never really like cats, that was until I met my wife, Crystal. When we began dating her Siamese, Baby Boy took an immediate liking to me. We started dating in the winter and Crystal’s parents kept the house pretty cold. Well, when we would be watching TV or sitting on the couch, here would come Baby Boy and sat right on my lap. Anywhere I went in the house, do did Baby Boy. I am a very warm blood person and I think baby Boy liked that about me.

Crystal and I married after dating just 6 months. I left college and found a job in Elkhart at a factory making pretty decent money with 2 of my other buddies from home. Elkhart was about 90 minutes from our home town of Marion Indiana. Just far enough that the parents could not drop by whenever they wanted. Perfect for a newly married couple.

At first we lived in a hotel while we looked for a house to buy and Baby Boy remained with Crystal’s parents. We would go home on weekends and stay with our parents. Baby Boy seemed to like me even in the summer.

Baby Boy came with us when we moved into our first house. I worked second shift at a local trailer parts factory and Crystal worked first shift. At first Baby boy would stay in the basement looking out the windows when Crystal went to work at Kroger’s stocking the non-food isles as the manager. Baby Boy loved to look for spiders in the basement and eat them. I thought the spider eating was a handy skill for a cat.

Gradually Baby Boy started coming around me when Crystal was gone to work and I loved to sleep with him and cuddle while watching TV. Baby Boy was also great company when I was doing chores or working around the house.

One day we were in Marion visiting our parents and we went into a local pet store to pick up some food for Baby Boy. Baby Boy went back and forth with us from Elkhart to Marion, almost every weekend. In this pet store I saw Pepper Sue, the most beautiful tortoiseshell point Siamese. Pepper Sue was so friendly that she was loose in the pet store. I took one look at her and said we will take her. Crystal tried to dissuade me because we were going on vacation the next week. I immediately volunteered my Mom to babysit Pepper Sue even though my Mom was a dog person and never owned a cat.

When we got back from vacation my Mom was in love with Pepper Sue and wanted to keep her. Pepper was so outgoing and fun. My Mom called Pepper Sue a slut because she could lay on her back and spread her legs. It was not very lady like but Pepper Sue did what she wanted

Pepper Sue and Baby Boy took to each other like they were related. They curled up and slept together. Baby Boy was the typical Siamese, all dignity and regal. Pepper Sue was a hoot and not dignified and anything but regal. Baby Boy would sit and have his tail wrapped around himself. Pepper Sue would be on her back and flip her feet over her head and push herself along the carpet.  What a great pair to have in our home.

Baby Boy and Pepper Sue were the least amount of cats we would have the rest of our lives because soon I was adding another Siamese to our house………………..

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