Benefits Of Adopting An Adult Cat

Adopting a mature cat is less maintenance. You do not have to go through the demanding and time-consuming stage of raising a kitten.grey_cropped

Adult cats get into less mischief, and you do not need to “kitten- proof” your home.

Older cats are less rambunctious than kittens and may be a better choice for small children and seniors.

Adult cats are independent and do not need anyone home with them during the day.

Purrr-fect for busy, employed or active people.

Adult cats also tend to understand the concept of approval and reward and are eager to please their owners.jezza_cropped

Adopting a mature cat leaves little room for unpleasant surprises.

Our adult cats are litter-box trained and you will get an accurate description of the cat’s temperament, full-grown size, coat, etc.

** All our adult cats are have already been spayed or neutered and are fully vaccinated.**