Why Should I Considering Fostering a Pet?  

– I am helping to save a life! Most of the animals in need of foster homes are those who have been in shelters or in a situation where they would be heading to a shelter.
– I will be helping TLC Fosters by learning an animal’s personality so they can place him or her in the best possible home. Our goal is ALWAYS to get them into their “furrever” home.
– I will get the added benefit of companionship from an animal with its own personality and affection.
– It is an excellent way to donate to a great cause, rather than monetarily.
– It’s only temporary! You can enjoy the fun of having a pet in your home knowing that if circumstances change and you need to terminate you’re volunteering, that animal will be taken back and placed into a new foster home.
– Or it could act as a trial run! Maybe you are considering adopting a pet but are unsure. By fostering, you can evaluate your ability or desire to be a pet owner while offering a deserving animal a chance at a safe and loving foster home while we look for its “furever” home!

TLC Fosters covers all medical care while the pets are in your care and we can help with food, litter and toys if necessary.